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Posted November 18, 2014 by Miama Admin in Books

Big Timber, Bertrand W. Sinclair (1916) – eBook

big timber
big timber

Bertrand Sinclairs descriptions of Harrison village are exact in every particular that can now be verified, and he is accurate too in his impressions of places farther up the lake – the holiday cottages, the logging camps and all the natural landmarks. Apparently untroubled by fear of libel suits, he even used some local residents of Harrison as characters in his stories too, their identities easily recognizable to anyone living in the area. He devised very obvious equivalents for many of the local place-names:
Harrison Lake, known for its storms, is Roaring Lake; Agassiz, then surrounded by acres of hop-fields, is Hopyard; and the St. Alice Hotel is St. Allwoods. Other place-names were incorporated into the story without any attempt at all at alteration: Rainbow falls, Trout Lake, Echo Island and Mount Douglas.


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