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Posted November 7, 2013 by Miama Admin in Harrison Hot Springs

Marina – Legitimate Development proposal or Land speculation ?


Development of the Harrison Hot Springs Marina

Legitimate Development proposal or Land speculation ?

On 25th June 2013 there was article in Agassiz Harrison Observer  about ambitious development plan for local marina. Consisting of Floating homes, increased boat moorage, condominiums , a new restaurant, commercial space and a boardwalk into the Village. Further more as reported by Agassiz Harrison Observer already on 15 July 2013 was held public hearing to this regard. Presented was also Mr. Chuck Stam who represented the ownership group. So question to ask is who is the developer, what is the credentials? On the plans we can see that the drawings were done by  Precision Building Design Associates Ltd. of  Chilliwack that would be the architects. Since the property is now for sale for whooping $4 900 000 as Lakefront Development Opportunity suggests that there was no developer to start with. Good price for parking lot and leased land (marina). Since we have no real developer and are now looking who would undertake such project, lets at least look for the credential of known player in this scheme. Mr. Chuck Stamp was born and raised in Chilliwack, graduated Timothy Christian School and continued on to UFV (UCFV at the time) graduating with a drafting certificate. (which is today 10-month long program at the Canada Education Park in Chilliwack). He has been self employed for the past 19 years with Precision Building Design Associates Ltd. a local home design firm  to design homes and cabins all around the province (and get to deal with many different municipalities and regional districts). See Link  Mr. Chuck Stamp was elected to Chilliwack city council in 1999 and served for 12 years. You be the jury.
There is good saying “Look in the past to see the future”  The land speculation in Harrison Hot Springs started right as soon as establishment of the townsite by Armstrong and Brown as considerable number of lots that were bought in the first two years only a few of the buyers actually put up dwellings. Mr. Chuck Stamp said the development would make Harrison a more “desirable place to live, work and play” by “adding to the vibrancy of the community.” Harrison been there and done that many times over. Rezone & sell does not bring anything at least not to the community anyway.

Bylaw Amendment Bylaw No.1036, 2013

Lakefront Development Opportunity Brochure

Download (PDF, 828KB)


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