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Posted August 13, 2013 by Miama Admin in Harrison Hot Springs

Where can I play ?

Where can I play ?
Where can I play ?

Hi, my name is Phantom. I live and play in Harrison Hot Springs. I really enjoyed my off leash time in Rendall park. Running, swimming, playing with the kids. I am a good dog, always doing my business in doggy bag, staying on my property (most of the time) and not chasing after bylaw officers. So what is this new animal control bylaw #1039 about ? Why was only off leash area taken away from best friends off man ? Most people live here in part because off small town feel and I am part of it. Are we playing big city now ? How boring. Like everything else this is also issue of balance and Harrison village council is not being reasonable. Please, get it right and give us back section of the beach.    Yours Phantom

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